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Pre-Cut Quilting Fabric FAQ

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Pre Cut Quilting Fabrics | The Quilted Cowgirl

Pre-Cut Quilting Fabric FAQ

Question #1: Are fat quarters quilters cotton?

Answer #1: Yes they certainly can be quilter cotton. However, the term fat quarter references the size and shape of the fabric cut versus the type of textile material it is.

Question #2: What is pre cut fabric?

Answer #2: A precut is a specialty cut of fabric cut to a specific size and shape and often sold as a collection so that all the designs work well together and compliment each other. Precut fabrics offer a time-saving alternative to standing in line at the fabric cutting counter.

Question #3: What size quilt will one layer cake make?

Answer #3: A standard layer cake has approximately 42 ten inch precut squares. One should be able to complete a twin size quilt top with this amount of precut squares. Two layer cakes would be ideal for making a queen size quilt. However, with the addition of fabric borders from yardage, one could easily get the size of quilt they set out to accomplish.

Question #4: Does quilting fabric need to be prewashed?

Answer #4: Washing your fabrics before cutting and piecing is an important step for your quilts because it ensures that your fabric will not leak excess dyes and will be easy to work with through every step of the construction process.

Question #5: Is it cheaper to buy fat quarters?

Answer #5: It is not cheaper to buy fat quarters unless they are reduced in price. It is generally always cheaper to buy yardage fabric off the bolt. However, buying yardage often results in having excess fabric left over for your project. Therefore, buying the small cuts like fat quarters, works better for eliminating excess fabric.

Question #6: How many fat quarters do I need to make a king size quilt?

Answer #6: You are probably going to cut up your fat quarters into smaller pieces for completion of your quilt pattern. In doing this, you will need more fabric to account for the seam allowances of sewing back together the smaller cuts. So minimally for a king size quilt I would estimate 42 fat quarters, but a more conservative amount of 56 fat quarters would be better suited.

Question #7: How big of a quilt can you make with a fat quarter bundle?

Answer #7: The size of a quilt made from a fat quarter bundle will vary greatly depending on the number of fat quarters in said bundle. Fat quarter bundles vary in the number of fat quarters in each bundle due to the various number of variations of prints or solids in a fabric collection. On average for a full size quilt, 30 fat quarters would be accommodating.

Question #8: What is the easiest quilt pattern?

Answer #8: A nine-patch block quilt or a granny square quilt using precut five inch squares are often the most easiest quilt pattern for a very beginner quilter.

Question #9: How big of a quilt will 2 jelly rolls make?

Answer #9: Two jelly rolls containing a total of 80 to 84 2 ½ inch strips would complete a quilt top that would be considered an over-sized twin or a twin with some side drop added.

Question #10: What size quilt will a 20 strip Jelly roll make?

Answer #10: A 20 strip jelly roll is often referred to as a junior jelly roll or half jelly roll and would make you a lap size quilt approximately 64 ½ x 50 inches.

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