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At Quilted Cowgirl We Love Our Clients

The Quilted Cowgirl offers a variety of services. Our main goal is to provide you with the knowledge and all the quilting supplies you will need on your quilting journey. A wide range of fabrics and all the tools you need to put it together. There are also classes available if you're new. Don't be afraid to contact us for any questions or concerns you have. Also, feel free to drop by the store, we would love to have you!

Quilting Fabrics

Fabrics are available in a plethora of patterns, prints, colors, themes, styles and designer. Shop online or come by the store and pick up everything you need.

Quilting Supplies

The Quilted cowgirls carries nearly everything you need to take your quilt from start to finish. And if you're not quite sure what will help, stop by the store or contact us!

Quilting Supplies

Quilting Patterns

Quilting patterns can be daunting since there and endless possibilities. But we're sure our selection has something for everyone! And if we don't quite have what you're looking for let us help you find it!

Quilting Kits

Quilting kits are perfect for hoping into quilting! Tools that will help you take your quilting creation to the next level. And if you need help using, we're here to help!

Quilting Classes

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, classes always have so much to offer! Sign up and come on in and we'll help you start your quilting journey.

Quilting Services

The Quilted Cowgirl can help you with nearly anything and everything you would need to create a quilt. If we can help you directly we know just what to do to set you on the right path.

The Cowgirl Quilters

Long Arm Quilting for the Texas Panhandle

The Quilted Cowgirl Provides High Quality Quilts

Fabric Squares for Quilting and High Quality Fabrics

Fabrics are the name of the game here at The Quilted Cowgirl. We have one of the largest selections of fabrics for anything and everything you want to create. Shop by theme, color, style, type, designer, print and more! Here we can help you find the perfect match-up of fabric to bring your dream creation to life!