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Yardage Quilting Fabrics

The Quilted Cowgirl

Yardage Quilting Fabrics

If you are shopping for fabric by the yard, The Quilted Cowgirl has what you are looking for. From quilting cotton to minky fabric, you can find the perfect yardage for your next quilt. It can be easier to find what you are searching for if you know what it is called. Batik fabric is hand-dyed in a wide range of colors and styles. You can also search for fabric by certain designers, such as Moda Fabrics, Robert Kaufman, and RJR. In many instances, quilters are creating a quilt based on a theme, such as floral, baby, scrappy, modern, or autumn. The theme can help you narrow your search for the perfect piece of fabric. Also offered are quilt backing fabrics in sixty inch or one hundred eight inch sizes. There are hundreds of fabric panels available to help create quick holiday, traditional, or baby panel quilts. A variety of soft fabrics can also be found. Minky fabric, cuddle cloth, flannel, and brushed cotton each provide soft comfort when transformed into a quilt.

When you are searching through bolts of fabric, you will not usually plan to buy a whole bolt. You typically buy fabric by the yard, thirty six by forty four inches. Fabric does come in a variety of widths. A yard of fabric only refers to the length of the material. Once you have made your selections and you are ready to purchase, the material is unrolled from the bolt. It is measured out to thirty six inches, or three feet, and then cut. Due to the overwhelming options yardage fabrics offer, the creative possibilities are endless. In order to know how much fabric you need, you will check your pattern for yardage. In many cases, you may not need to purchase an entire yard of fabric, but just an incremental yard cut. 

Quilt backing fabric is sold by the yard in a wide range of colors and designs. It is wider than traditional bolted fabric, at one hundred eight inches. This width is helpful for quilters as it covers the back of a quilt without requiring an extra seam. When you use wider fabric for your quilt back, you do not have to piece the backing. Beginners can be easily overwhelmed when trying to piece the backing for their quilt. Wider fabrics ease their worries, saves time, offers a cleaner finish, and is just easier. As long as the top of your quilt is shorter than one hundred inches long, 108 inch backing should work. Quilts this size could range from lap quilts to bed size quilts. In addition to easing the finishing of your quilt, wide backing can also be cost effective. For example, a sixty inch by seventy inch quilt would require about four yards to piece a backing when using 44 inch fabric. Each yard costs $10.74, for a total of $43. If you used two yards of 108 inch backing at $16.98 per yard, it would only cost $33.96, saving almost $10! You would even have leftovers to add to your fabric stash.  

For beginning quilters or quilters with limited time, panels or quilt kits could be the perfect fit. Panels are large pieces of printed fabric. The print is usually a picture or scene. Panels are ready to use. It is not necessary to cut them and patch or piece them together. Panel quilts are usually easy to create and offer a quicker turnaround than piecing a more elaborate quilt. Quilt kits contain the pattern and all fabric needed to make a complete quilt. Kits are designed to make the elaborate quilting process a bit faster and easier. In a kit, the correct fabric yardage is included and a quilter only needs to sub-cut fabrics into pieces and then sew them together. 

Creating beautiful quilts allows you to experiment with colors and patterns, putting pieces together that please you. The Quilted Cowgirl loves the opportunity to work with you to get every piece just right for the perfect final effect. For friendly advice or to find the perfect yard, The Quilted Cowgirl has everything you need for your next quilting project.

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