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Quilting Patterns

Quilting has a long and rich history. Throughout that history, quilting has served as a way for quilters to socialize and create functionable yet beautiful works of art. In the past, quilting patterns were shared by word of mouth. During the Great Depression, quilting patterns were finally collected and recorded. Today’s quilters have access to amazing numbers of quilting patterns that range from simple and easy to difficult and complex. The Quilted Cowgirl offers quilting patterns for any level of quilter. 

One option for beginners and even more experienced quilters is a quilt kit. Quilt kits contain the pattern and all of the fabric needed to make a quilt. A quilt kit can help speed up the long and elaborate process of making a quilt. For beginners, this can keep the process of quilt making from becoming overwhelming. For experience quilters, a quilt kit speeds the process and allows the quilt to be finished more quickly. The fabric in a kit is pre-cut into the proper yardage. A quilter will only have to sub-cut the fabrics in the kit into the precise pieces and then sew them together. Quilting kits can help quilters learn new patterns and finish a quilt in less time. 

The first step in quilt making is choosing a design for your quilt. There are literally thousands of quilt patterns and tutorials to choose from. It can be overwhelming and difficult to select a place to start. A simple starting place for a beginner is a patchwork quilt. A quilt pattern will include a list of materials and fabric cutting instructions. After the fabric has been cut, the pattern will explain how to assemble the blocks and then place the blocks to assemble the quilt. The step-by-step directions give quilters the instructions they need to create a family heirloom to be cherished for generations. Once your quilt is pieced, you then will have to decide how you are going to quilt the top. 

Another place quilters can find inspiration is from quilting books. Quilting books contain step by step guides for creating a wide range of quilting projects. If you have a quilting question, quilting books can hold the answers. Questions about fabric, troubleshooting your machine, and quilting math are examples of the advice found in most quilting books. Patterns, designs, processes, and procedures can also be found in most books about quilting. In fact, books serve as a quilting instructor at your demand at all times. Your instruction book holds the reins to your quilting path and gently guides you over the bumps you experience along the way. The number of quilting books available are limitless. The support and help a book offers is perfect no matter what your level of quilting experience.

The Quilted Cowgirl has kits, patterns, and books to help you on your quilting journey. In addition, you can always find a friendly ear to talk about your quilting ups and downs. Quilting is a community, in many ways unchanged from the quilting bees of the past. 

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