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Quilting Kits

A fun option available at The Quilted Cowgirl is quilt kits. There are many reasons quilt kits are a good option for a quilter. Each kit contains the pattern for the quilt and all the fabric needed to make the quilt. Kits usually contain the proper yardage for the quilt, requiring only that the quilter sub-cuts fabric into the precise pieces needed.

Quilt kits can help quilters learn how to select fabrics for future quilts. Because kits come with complimentary fabrics, beginning quilters can see how fabrics work together. With a kit, quilters know all the pieces will work together and give them a sense for how they can pair fabrics and colors on future projects.

Most quilting projects require small pieces of many different fabrics. It can be hard to purchase fabrics in small amounts, making a kit more cost effective. Kits contain all of the pieces needed to complete a quilt in the right amount of yardage. Many kits contain pieces cut into the shapes and sizes required. Experienced quilters can take the fabric from kits and create their own quilt designs. In addition to having all of the fabric needed to complete the quilt top, kits do not contain the backing and binding fabrics. The instructions and pattern in the kit give especially beginners a great start and the experience to help them branch out on their own in the future.

Completing a quilt takes time. By purchasing a quilt kit, quilters can save time. Since all of the fabric is in the kit, time is not lost choosing fabric at the quilt store or from a fabric stash. Being able to get started immediately allows the project to move along more quickly.

The Quilted Cowgirl offers a variety of quilt kits for every level of quilter. A kit can make the process of quilting move a little more quickly for beginners or experienced quilters in a time crunch. Pick a fun new quilt kit to start today.

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