Designer Yardage Quilting Fabrics

The Quilting Cowgirl

Designer Yardage Quilting Fabrics

The Quilted Cowgirl offers a wide selection of designer fabrics to help you create the quilt of your dreams. Each designer offers insight into color palettes and quilt designs through their fabrics. The Quilted Cowgirl regularly stocks a variety of designers, offering a wide range of options and a unique twist on fabric choices.

Tula Pink fabrics use colors and patterns in bold ways. Many of her fabrics contain hidden animals or other wildlife elements. The prints are modern with bright, vivid colors and jewel tones. As a designer, Tula Pink believes that more is more. She always feels she can add one last thing and there is never enough space. In addition to creating memorable fabrics for quilting, Tula Pink also offers wisdom in choosing and building color palettes for your quilt. Choosing fabrics from a Tula Pink collection are sure to create a joyfully colored quilt design.

Kaffe Fassett has been in the textile field for more than fifty years. His artistry is celebrated in museums worldwide. He was first inspired by the Scottish landscape and used wool yarn to knit garments that would eventually become famous. His current designs offer a hint into Kaffe Fassett’s artistic past. Fabrics in his collections incorporate bold colors in adventurous patterns. Many of his designs have a modern, more contemporary edge. When choosing palettes for a quilt from Kaffe Fassett, you are choosing statement fabrics that will stand out in your home.

Another popular designer is Me and My Sister Designs. These ladies began creating when they took a quilting class together. They purchased a shop and created quilt after quilt before becoming designers for Moda Fabrics. They have created over forty five fabric groups that can be easily adapted into palettes for a wide range of projects. Barbara and Mary incorporate everyday colors into vibrant quilts. Fabric groups contain a variety of complimentary fabrics that can be used to complete projects ranging from very simple to more complex. Me and My Sister Designs are fantastic choices for quilters looking to transform traditional patterns into more lively and colorful quilts. 

For quilters with more of a folk art taste, Minick Simpson designs will appeal to their traditional color scheme. These fabric groups create a rich pallet suitable for traditional quilt patterns or new twists on old favorites. Polly and Laurie designs have been printed on a wide range of quilting cottons, twills, plaids, and wools. Each sister brings a unique perspective to the design table, Laurie quilts and Polly hooks matching rugs. Their folk art style and feel encourages quilters to create pieces that truly make them happy. 

Finally, The Quilted Cowgirl also carries high quality Shannon Fabrics, specifically their Cuddle minky fabrics. These plush knits can be challenging for newer quilters to incorporate into their designs. Experienced quilters will have little trouble adjusting to the super soft stretchy fabric and sewing it flawlessly into their quilt. Shannon Cuddle fabrics are a popular choice for baby blankets and quilts due to their durability and super soft texture. The Shannon Fabrics company is well known for its integrity and quality design.  

It is not uncommon for a quilter to fall in love with a particular designer and their fabric collections. In many ways, focusing on a specific designer can make quilting easier. Fabric groups are designed to compliment each other and work together to create seamless projects. This is especially beneficial to new quilters that may struggle to choose colors for their project. No matter what you need, The Quilted Cowgirl is available to provide quality fabric and great advice.