Every quilt tells a story of its own.


The Quilted Cowgirl, Etc.

specializes in helping you tell yours.


Providing longarm quilting & finishing services,  custom-made t-shirt and photo memory quilts to preserve your most treasured memories.


T-Shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts are a great way to commemorate special times in one's life.  A popular gift for graduates and loved ones looking to commemorate a fun stage in life, these quilts are always a hit!


Custom-Made Quilts

We enjoy every minute of creating a quilt to your specifications and interests, whether you're interested in a gift or a piece for yourself, we are happy to work with you to achieve the look you're hoping for.



Quilting services offered:

Edge-to-Edge Longarm Quilting

Quilt Binding (Machine and Hand Sewn)

Construction/Custom Piecing of Quilt Tops & Backing

Custom-Made T-Shirt Quilts


Why do I quilt?

I enjoy collecting beautiful, vividly colored fabrics and combining them with shapes to create items that you, my customer, will absolutely love.  I love to let my creativity flow naturally to become a one‐of‐a‐kind creation and treasure of a lifetime for you and your family.


I love shopping for fabric, patterns, thread, tools and gadgets.  I love learning, experimenting and the variety of options that are endless with a little fabric and thread.  But, most of all, I love surprises.  Many times, my creations are surprise gifts for friends or family.  I am honored to be a part of the surprise and making that memory.


Sewing is like my therapy. Well, most days.  I turn on some music, play and create.  I have been piecing quilts for almost 16 years after learning to piece my first quilt with ladies from my small community who became treasured lifetime friends.  (I call these ladies my mother and grandmother surrogates who helped fill my “mom‐pie.”)  I then began my longarm quilting adventure 2 years ago.


I have been blessed with a God‐given talent. What better way to glorify God with that talent than to share my passion with you, my customer and my new friend?


Thanks for stopping by!




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