"I've had such a great reviews on the quilt I did and the photos you did for me in it!  Thanks so much for helping me with this very meaningful quilt for my grandson."


Pam Sipes Stokes

-Blanchard, Oklahoma

Photo Memory Quilts

Photo Memory Quilts are another great way to preserve your memories while incorporating your most treasured photos of loved ones.

These quilts are for display only. Photos are printed on the quilt fabric and will not endure multiple washings or maintain their color integrity.

High-quality, high resolution images must be submitted via email. Please keep in mind that photos printed on fabric are only as good as the original photos submitted.



Photo Memory Quilt Pricing

Finished size: 26" x 26" | $125

1 photo


Finished size: 44" x 32" | $175

3 photos


Finished size: 52" x 44" | $250

5 photos


Quilt measurements are approximate.

Embroidery personalization is available at additional cost.



We also offer photo printing on fabric as a service, for your own use...


Photo Fabric Printing

4x6 $6.00

5x7 $8.00

6x6 $9.00

8x8 $10.00

8x10 $12.00

9x9 $12.00

10x10 $14.00

10x12 $16.00

12x12 $18.00

12x15 $20.00

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